The Prints

The prints in Vermont Vernacular were created by artist and master printer Jon Cone, founder of Cone Editions. They feature custom-made, 100%-pigment, fade-resistant inks on archival printmaking paper (Somerset Enhanced for Cone) with a deckled edge. Wolf Kahn’s Deep Purple Landscape is 24 x 30 inches. Mitchell’s Lavender Reflections No. 2 and Allen’s Putney Mountain Autumn are 20 x 24 inches.

Each artist’s original landscape painting was scanned using Cone Editions’ unique overhead-view camera, which is attached to a high-resolution scanner. The resulting digital file was color-matched to the original artwork. Cone Editions created several artist’s proofs, making adjustments as necessary, until the artists were satisfied that the color and definition of their original artwork had been faithfully reproduced. The artists then authorized Bon à Tirer ("ready to pull") proofs, against which every print in the edition was matched. The edition was printed in June, 2009.

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